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Hard to believe it has already been six years…


Now that’s an understatement! Six whole years…. jeez louise! Only recently have I realized how young we were when we married and how much we’ve grown together ever since. Six years later, I love him even more now than I did when we married. It’s a partnership I cherish more than anything else in my life.

To celebrate, we went up to the mountains for the weekend. Even though we had the budget of starving college students, it doesn’t cost much to get out and enjoy the refreshing air of the woods in the mountains, so that’s exactly what we did up at Clear Lake.


On the drive up, we started reading The Lord of the Rings, but almost couldn’t get past the first few pages. We opened up the book right from the Prologue and I realized exactly why I’d been avoiding the book for so long. That prologue reads like the bible or a textbook on the history of Hobbits. Perhaps I’ll be able to go back and read the prologue at some point, but we had no choice but to skip it and try to read from where the actual story begins. I’m so glad we did–I was hooked almost instantly!


Sometimes the pleasures in life really are quite simple. We had this little valley completely to ourselves all day. Kinda makes a girl think about living out in the country or in the woods on a permanent basis. It’s like the air just tastes better, it’s more peaceful, and there’s beauty everywhere you look. If nothing else, it sure was nice to experience for a weekend.



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