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Ombre Dreadlock Extensions

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Five Month Old Locks

Dreadlocks update: Five months already…

In the last few weeks, my dreadlocks have gone through a bit of a transformation. The long extensions that I started out with were starting to weigh on me… literally. Although I really liked the different color variations, the texture of the hair was so much different than mine that the attachments weren’t staying in as well as I would have liked. So I took them out.

Not ready to give up on my long hair just yet, I left in the dyed hair that matched my natural red the closest, but the contrast between my natural hair and the extensions bothered me too much because it wasn’t balanced out with all the other colors. I couldn’t leave them in like that for long. So here I am, back to my roots. Just my hair in there. I’m trying to relax a little on the fact that my hair isn’t as long as I’d like it to be.

I have to admit that in the last couple of weeks, I’ve started to doubt the dreads and I’ve considered combing them out completely. But at the end of the day, the heart wants what the heart wants, and my heart wants beautiful natural dreadlocks. I found some dreadlocks timelines online from other ladies with locks and I have a renewed confidence that my dreads can continue to grow into the masterpiece that I’m dreaming of.

5 months in, I wish that I had taken some pictures of my dreads the day that I finished them so I would have something to compare them with. I was just so eager to have the finished product with the extensions that I rushed right past it. Better late than never!


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