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Headed to Cali for Some Halloween Horrors!

Sometimes is seems like I have absolutely nothing going on so I’ll crawl into my little shell and hibernate for a while. I’m fairly introverted, so I feel like this works out well for me for the most part. Eventually though, I can sometimes get to a place where I’ve been cooped up for so long that I start going a little nuts. I’ll stay in a state of “so much time and so little to do” for a while and then BAM! Everyone and their dog has plans for me and I can’t seem to catch my breath. I’ve been feeling a little like this lately. I keep thinking, “I was doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING besides work for a month! Why couldn’t we divvy up this craziness a little?”

I suppose at the end of the day, one shouldn’t complain about having a busy schedule. In fact, the days where I’m going, going, going, tend to leave me feeling the most fulfilled, regardless of the anxiety ridden anticipation of it all. And those moments at the end of a hectic day where I can relax and unwind end up being far more satisfying than the lazy, couch potato days. Although, sometimes a day where you have no commitments or obligations is a beautiful thing.

That being said, I’ve got the next week off from work and I’ll be spending it in the very best of ways. My thrill-seeking cousin, Laurie, has invited me to THE BEST HALLOWEEN EVENT EVER! We’re going to Universal Studio’s Halloween Horror Nights in Hollywood! I’ve never been to Hollywood either, so to say I’m excited is definitely an understatement. Excited, but terrified at the same time… I hope I don’t die!

I feel like a little kid when I travel. Everything is so fun and different from the day-to-day grind. I’ll be traveling by train and plane tomorrow. This will be my second train ride and I quite enjoyed the first. It’s pretty cool to see the world from a non-highway point of view.

I’ve got just a few precious hours between now and my train ride and I still have to finish packing! I hope everyone is having a great week so far. 🙂

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