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I can’t wait to live in a one-bedroom again!

Our lease will be up at the end of November, so we should be moving into a roomy one-bedroom apartment for our next home. As much as we’ve loved living in a shoe-box studio apartment, I’m very ready to upgrade to something just slightly bigger and that means having an actual bed and bedroom!

So naturally, I’ve been compiling some ideas for how that’s going to look. I need some ideas that aren’t going to break the bank– especially considering there really isn’t much of a bank to break in the first place!


Just because I don’t have the money to buy fancy decorations, it doesn’t mean that I plan to stay away from any statement design ideas that I can do myself. As far as colors go, I think I want to stay with very light colors, with a lot of white, ivory, pink, and grey.


headboard ideas

Headboard ideas. Here are a couple tutorials that seem simple enough and yet bold enough as well. I found this flowy DIY fabric headboard on the left and this DIY upholstered headboard on the right. I’m thinking of doing one or the other or some combination of the two. I couldn’t help but notice that on Downton Abbey, the Earl and Countess of Grantham have a bed with a similar combination of the two ideas I can’t choose between. Perhaps I deserve to live like royalty in my own little way!


puff quilt ideas

Bedspread. I’ve always wanted to have a super plush comforter. As I’ve been getting more and more into sewing, I think I should be able to make one of my own… at least I’m going to try! I found a pattern for the red comforter on the left and a tutorial for the puff quilt on the right that seem to produce a fairly similar result. I figure with a few modifications of my own, I should be able to somewhat easily make the plush comforter I’ve always wanted!


ombre decorations

I’ve got to have some lovely ombre decorations. This lampshade and this chandelier are both sold out items from their sellers on etsy, but definitely they scream “DIY project”. Looks like all I would need would be a few fabric flowers and a glue gun for the lampshade and some paper, string, and scissors for the chandelier!


storage ideas

Storage ideas.  Appropriate bedroom storage has always been lacking in our previous bedrooms, and I plan to remedy that on our next go around. These ottomans placed at the end of the bed and shutter night stands would really give the room a rustic feel.

Most likely it will probably still take me at least a few months to complete all these projects, but I think I’m up for the challenge!

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