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Currently I’m …


…reading the Lord of the Rings. Frodo and the crew just arrived in Rivendell and I’m dying to see what happens next! Okay, I have a pretty good idea of what happens next consider my obsession with the films, but I truly feel like I’m on a whole new adventure with this book. There are just so many details that paint a much larger picture than could possibly be told through a movie. I’m so anxious to read the next chapter!

watching “Revenge”… I had turned my nose up on this show initially, but was intrigued when I learned that it was loosely based on “The Count of Monte Cristo.” I gave it a try and although there is definitely a little cheese that comes along with this show, it has been a fun ride throughout the first season. I’m a little nervous for season 2 though as so many shows flop after the first season. Any suggestions for my next show??

…trying to fit more projects into a weekend than is humanly possible. I always seem to do this… I decide that I’m going to have a productive weekend and then give myself an insane list. I think I’ve managed to sink my teeth into about 1/3 of it. Sooner or later, I need to become a better judge of my time.

…eating nothing, however I’m seriously craving some sweets, so I think I might have to make a fried cinnamon/sugar tortilla. Mmmmmmmm….

…pinning more and more projects to add to my never ending list. Decoration ideas for when we move next, fashion ideas, sewing projects, and a gazillion tutorials.

…tweeting about the 2014 Gymnastics World Championship in Nanning, China this week! It’s the final event of the ever too short elite gymnastics season marking the halfway point between the Summer Olympic Games! … you could say I’m a bit of a fan 😉

…going to the Oregon Coast this weekend with Jordan’s family! This will end up being the big trip for the year, and I’m happy to be able to get away for a little bit and see the ocean. I do love long walks on the beach, so I’m very much looking forward to that.

…loving FOOTBALL!!!! Although first and foremost I’m a Seahawks fan, it’s been fun to keep up with the goings on with other teams in the NFL. They certainly aren’t going to let my team repeat as Superbowl champions without a fight. It’s been super fun to watch the match ups week to week. I’m officially hooked. 

…discovering all these pictures that I’ve taken in the last couple years that I forgot existed! I really need to do something with them so they’re not just sitting on my computer. Perhaps another project is on the horizon?

…enjoying the fact that I’ve gone running 3 times in the last week. I’m trying to train myself to turn to exercise when I’m stressed and it seems to be helping.

…thinking that I should probably make sure I don’t stay up too terribly late tonight. I’m such a night owl and I never seem to learn my lesson. Maybe tonight I’ll make a step in the right direction… maybe.

…feeling like nothing would make me happier than a nice hot bath. Um yes… that will be next on my list for sure.

…hoping to get a new position at work. I’ve applied to a couple seasonal positions at work which would get me a $3 raise, which I could most certainly use. Fingers crossed that I get the job!

…listening to “The Hours” movie soundtrack. Phillip Glass is teaching me to respect a more simplistic approach to music. It’s simply beautiful.

…starting to rethink the scarf that I’ve been working on today. Yeah, I think I better scrap what I’ve done so far. I’ve got to make something that I’m actually going to feel great about wearing, right?? Yep, it’s got to be perfect. Starting over.

Happy October 1st everyone!