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Hard to believe it has already been six years…


Now that’s an understatement! Six whole years…. jeez louise! Only recently have I realized how young we were when we married and how much we’ve grown together ever since. Six years later, I love him even more now than I did when we married. It’s a partnership I cherish more than anything else in my life.

To celebrate, we went up to the mountains for the weekend. Even though we had the budget of starving college students, it doesn’t cost much to get out and enjoy the refreshing air of the woods in the mountains, so that’s exactly what we did up at Clear Lake.


On the drive up, we started reading The Lord of the Rings, but almost couldn’t get past the first few pages. We opened up the book right from the Prologue and I realized exactly why I’d been avoiding the book for so long. That prologue reads like the bible or a textbook on the history of Hobbits. Perhaps I’ll be able to go back and read the prologue at some point, but we had no choice but to skip it and try to read from where the actual story begins. I’m so glad we did–I was hooked almost instantly!


Sometimes the pleasures in life really are quite simple. We had this little valley completely to ourselves all day. Kinda makes a girl think about living out in the country or in the woods on a permanent basis. It’s like the air just tastes better, it’s more peaceful, and there’s beauty everywhere you look. If nothing else, it sure was nice to experience for a weekend.



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Five years ♥

 Last weekend, Jordan and I reached the 5 year milestone in our marriage! Wow. It really is crazy to realize that 5 years have gone by since that day we made vows to each other.

This year, we are very poor college students and for right now, I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Even though we didn’t have much in the way of dollars to contribute to this year’s anniversary celebration, and it was sandwiched between two separate trips to the coast with family and friends, we wanted to do something special for hitting the 5 year mark in our marriage.

Jordan and I have been following a Vegan diet for some time now, but living in a small town like we do, we’re limited to our own culinary concoctions for our meals. And although I truly love the meals that we’ve been creating together, some fresh inspiration never hurt anyone. So, we decided to take the opportunity on our way to the Coast and stop in at a REAL Vegan restaurant in Portland. Since we’re not typically afforded the luxury of actually ordering meals directly off of a menu where we live, this was a real treat.


Left: BBQ Plate- whiskey ginger bbq soy curls, served with mac and cheese, southern style collards, smoky black eyed peas, and spicy corn bread with apple butter
Right: Live Nachos- spicy live chips, topped with nacho cheese sauce, pecan chorizo, diced avocado, cashew sour cream, red onion, tomato, scallion and cilantro, with a lime wedge

Apparently, I’m a big city girl at heart. Every time I venture to a larger city that can actually support a Vegan community, I feel like I’ve died and gone to heaven. Our trip to the Blossoming Lotus was no exception. In fact, I’d venture to say this was one of the best meals I’ve ever had.

I’m so intrigued by the different combinations they used and inspired to get my butt in the kitchen for some experimenting! It was absolutely delicious.  Now I just can’t wait to live in a place where I don’t have to wait for the rare special occasion to be treated like this!


When we got married, neither of us had much in the way of experience in attending weddings so we didn’t necessarily know what we wanted our wedding celebration to be like. What we got was lovely, but I’ve often looked back and thought about how I would do things differently. I think I would like to have had a more intimate ceremony with my closest friends and family, that way I’d be able to throw a real party and celebrate with the people that really matter most to me.

Since I don’t plan on having any do-overs on my wedding, sometimes I fantasize about having a do-over in a different kind of way, by taking the opportunity to renew those wedding vows and celebrate our continued love and commitment to each other. I had a little hope that when the 5 year anniversary came around that maybe we could use that occasion to have a little celebration. Even though that wasn’t in the cards for this anniversary, renewing my vows is something that I would like to do at some point.

Sometimes 5 years ago seems like yesterday, and other times it seems like a lifetime ago; in fact, most times it feels like a lifetime ago. I sometimes think about how much I’ve grown up in the last 5 years. The person that I am today is so different from the person that made those promises and therefore, I think it’s very appropriate to mark the passage of time.

So instead of a public vow renewal ceremony, I’d like to take this opportunity right now to publicly declare my adoration for the love of my life.

My Sweet Prince Jordan:

Words simply cannot express the joy I have in experiencing life with you as my partner in crime. There is something truly beautiful about two people choosing to love each other their entire lives. Sometimes I look back at the person I was when I made that choice and I don’t understand how I got so lucky with you. And yet you chose me, and I chose you and I’m so glad that I did.

It’s so crazy to think about how our relationship has grown since that day and that we’ve grown individually as well as a team. I love that we’re stronger together than we ever were apart. Since that day that we promised to love each other for the rest of our lives, my love has only grown deeper for you.

I love that we dream about the future. I love that we push each other to excel. Absolutely no one supports me as much as you do. And I believe in you with all my heart. I’ll keep you forever and always. I love you baby.


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