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Ombre Dreadlock Extensions

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Grocery Shopping on a Saturday Night + Watching My Hair Grow

Have I mentioned that  I really dislike working the 1-10 shift?

Getting off from work that late is rough for me. Mostly because at least part of the week I have to be in bed early enough so that Jordan can be up to get ready for his 9am class. Also, I just wish I had evenings off so I could make more plans with people. Most people aren’t able to make plans at 10am because they work normal day shifts. And then not seeing people during the evenings keeps me in this perpetual state of hermit-ness.

Tonight, when I got off work, I made my way to Safeway to grab a few things. Well, it was supposed to be a few things, which is why I didn’t get a cart and instead just kept grabbing the things I needed. Until the things I needed just kept growing to the point that I had ridiculous armfuls of groceries, including a ten pound bag of potatoes I might add. I barely made it to the check out only to find out that their credit card machines were broken. So I asked the checker to hold my stuff while I went to the atm.

And of course, I didn’t want to take on the ATM fees, so I drove down the street to my bank. When I got there, I found out the ATM was closed. Great. So, I decided that it would be worth not having to pay for the ATM at Safeway to start all over at WinCo. Sadly, the line at WinCo was soooo long. But, on the bright side, my order at Safeway was going to be just over $30, while my order at WinCo ended up being just over $20. And what do you know, their card machines worked.

An hour and a half after I started my journey to grab a few things at the store, I made my way home with my $20 worth of groceries. The part that really gets me though is that I can’t stop thinking that I should have gone back into Safeway or called them to let them know I wasn’t returning for those groceries. I have this nagging guilt over it that I felt I needed to get it off my chest. I’m sorry to the employees that I made put all my groceries back on the shelves. I’m sorry that I said I’d be right back, but didn’t even bother to let you know I’d changed my mind. Alright, I feel a bit better now.

Moral of the story: Just shop at WinCo in the first place.

03-08-14-3The dreads are about to turn 6 months now. I’m trying to embrace a slightly more natural way of keeping them for now and they’re starting to feel like they’re turning into real dreadlocks. I do wish they would grow a bit faster though. I guess hair will only grow so fast. I’ll probably be in a constant state of complaining about the length of my hair for the next year or two then.

I can’t help it. I love the dreads, even if they’re not in their full glory yet. Jordan’s not as much of a fan though. He keeps trying to get me to comb them out. I’ve made it 6 months so far, so we’ll see how stubborn I can be! History has shown though that I can be a bit impulsive about my hair. We shall see, we shall see.

And yes, this is how mundane my life is. Grocery shopping on a Saturday night and watching my dreads grow.

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Five Month Old Locks

Dreadlocks update: Five months already…

In the last few weeks, my dreadlocks have gone through a bit of a transformation. The long extensions that I started out with were starting to weigh on me… literally. Although I really liked the different color variations, the texture of the hair was so much different than mine that the attachments weren’t staying in as well as I would have liked. So I took them out.

Not ready to give up on my long hair just yet, I left in the dyed hair that matched my natural red the closest, but the contrast between my natural hair and the extensions bothered me too much because it wasn’t balanced out with all the other colors. I couldn’t leave them in like that for long. So here I am, back to my roots. Just my hair in there. I’m trying to relax a little on the fact that my hair isn’t as long as I’d like it to be.

I have to admit that in the last couple of weeks, I’ve started to doubt the dreads and I’ve considered combing them out completely. But at the end of the day, the heart wants what the heart wants, and my heart wants beautiful natural dreadlocks. I found some dreadlocks timelines online from other ladies with locks and I have a renewed confidence that my dreads can continue to grow into the masterpiece that I’m dreaming of.

5 months in, I wish that I had taken some pictures of my dreads the day that I finished them so I would have something to compare them with. I was just so eager to have the finished product with the extensions that I rushed right past it. Better late than never!


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Enter the Red Dreadlocks

Hello again. 🙂

As you may already know, I’ve been dreaming of having dreadlocks of my own again for quite some time now. Although I adored my short and sassy cut that I got last year, I was anxious and impatient to return to my long glorious locks. Once again, my “all or nothing” behaviors have caught up with me and I refused to be satisfied by medium hair length. I waited it out as long as I could.

The last thing on the list to do before I could get the process going was to find a color match that would be close enough to my natural hair color to make the dreadlock extensions look natural. Without holding onto too much hope of a perfect match, I took a gamble on a dye and it paid off. I couldn’t be happier. As soon as I saw the color, I knew I’d finally be dreaded within a matter of a couple weeks.
Red Dreadlocks a Red Dreadlocks b So, for the last two weeks before my trip to the coast, I have been doing absolutely nothing in my free time other than work on my dreadlocks. That, and keep myself going on this tedious project with just stupid amounts of television. I’m a little bit disgusted with the amount of TV that I “watched” during this dreading phase. That being said, I don’t think I would have finished without the entertainment. I lost steam after about a week.

Thank goodness I was able to get them finished just in time for our trip. That would have been awful to get there with half-done hair! Many of my closest friends were so surprised to see me in dreadlocks because I’d kept it on the down low that I was finally making it happen. I had just barely gotten them finished and hadn’t even put any pictures up online. It was fun to unveil them to everyone. 🙂
Red Dreadlocks 1 Red Dreadlocks c As I saw that the dreads were getting closer and closer to being done, I kept feeling like this was right. It’s like I can finally be myself again. It may sound kind of silly to be so passionate about ones hairstyle, but I never wanted to give up on my dreads in the first place! I was forced into a year and a half hiatus from them. Having them back just feels right. 🙂

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What Makes Me Happy

1. Ai Wei Wei

This Chinese artist is just so inspiring. The pieces he designs are so moving, but even more than that, the love that he has for his people and his country is what makes me admire him so much. If you haven’t seen it, go check out “Ai Wei Wei: Never Sorry” on Netflix. You won’t regret it.
Ai Wei Wei

2. Long Walks

I just love going for walks. Walks provide a sense of clarity that I just can’t get anywhere else. It’s like I’m able to just take some time for myself and focus on issues that I need to work out or dreams I want to pursue and such. If only ever long walk was on the beach… 🙂
beach shadow

3. Reading with Jordan

I love reading a good book. Even more than that, I love reading good books aloud with a friend. Sharing a book with someone can be some of the best quality time spent together. It’s just so much fun to discuss the book while you’re going through it. You have someone to make predictions with and get involved with the story. Jordan and I had read the first book of the Hunger Games and enjoyed it, but had other books to read afterward that we were more excited about. About a week ago, Jordan and I saw the movie trailer for the second book, “Catching Fire” and it was just the motivation we needed to get back to reading the series. So far, I love it even more than the first book!

4. Colbert Report and The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

I probably couldn’t pick a favorite between the two of these guys. They each bring something different to the table. Between the two of them, they really make the news palatable.
Colbert and Jon Stewart

5. My Camera

Hands down my favorite toy that I own. I’m just so giddy about it and the pictures that it can take. I freaking love it. 🙂


6. Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Lightroom

Right alongside my love for my favorite toy, is my fascination with the Adobe Creative Suite. It’s just so amazing what this software can do. I just want to learn more and more!

7. Making Sushi

First of all, I LOVE sushi. Last year, I learned how to make sushi myself and since then, I’ve just become obsessed with the process. It’s a process that can take about 2 hours from start to finish to fully prepare so you’d think it would be kind of a pain to do very often, but it’s something I end up making about twice a week. I think that for me it’s kind of therapeutic. I just love all the little steps and finding the slight modifications that make the sushi that much better. 🙂

8. Dreaming of Dreadlocks

I really loved my dreadlocks and wish that I could have kept them, but it just wasn’t meant to be. My hair was just too damaged and oddly colored that I needed that clean slate…. Now, my hair just can’t seem to grow fast enough and I’m getting more and more anxious to dread it. In the meanwhile, I love to find pictures of beautiful dreadlocks and plan out how exactly mine are going to be. Perhaps it’s a weird form of punishment to constantly remind myself that my hair isn’t ready, but it makes me happy to think about what will be someday… 🙂
Red Dreads

9. School

It’s just so nice to be back in school and pushing myself to learn and grow. I’d been out of school for about 6 years, so I was very out of practice. I’m not going to say that my technical writing class is the most exciting subject matter of all time, but I’m just really appreciating being in class, doing my homework, pushing myself to perform well and just being on campus in the student atmosphere.
Technical writing

10. Road Trips

I love being out on the road. In March, Jordan and I had a week to go on a trip. We didn’t have any concrete plans, so we just took to the road and just went wherever the wind took us. It was the most fun I’ve had in a long time. I think it’s the ideal way to travel for me. 🙂

Road Trip

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Steampunk Dreadlocks


Anytime I say that I want dreadlock extensions for my boy-short hair, my husband tries to talk me out of it. Oh, when will he learn that Imma do what I want?! He argues that it will look obviously fake.

Yes. One day I’ll show up at work with my boy-short hair, and the next day, I will have amazing long dreadlock extensions. Do I care that they won’t look natural? Hell no! Natural is the opposite of what I want. 🙂

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One Dreaded Lock

I’ve been considering dreadlocks for a long time now. It’s always been this thing in the back of my mind that once I’ve finished experimenting with my hair color I’d dread my hair. Well, my hair color experimentation phase was cut short by some bad hair products/advice. I had to skip right to the black hair color, which I have been loving like crazy. I’ve wanted to have black hair for sooo sooo long and it’s definitely as cool as I’d hoped it would be.

My original hair plan was to end up with black hair and when I was done with that, move on to dreadlocks. Now that my time frame has been moved up, it’s had me thinking about getting dreadlocks more and more. I can be a bit impulsive at times and this has been no exception. I’ve been wanting pretty badly to just skip on ahead to the dreads even though I’ve only had this hair for a few months.

To assuage my curiosity and anticipation for them, I dreaded one lock of my hair. This gave me a pretty good idea of what I’d be getting into for sure. I’ve done my homework on dreads and will do them in a completely natural way without any products that would damage my hair. Because of my determination to dread the natural way, it took about 2 hours to complete just this one (this is also because my hair has gotten so freakin long).

I am so excited for when I’ll dread my whole head, but I know from this experience that I’m probably going to need at least a few days set aside to do the deed, or one day and a few friends to help. It’s going to be quite an ordeal. Because this let me know that I wasn’t ready to dread my whole head yet, I decided to take it out the next day. I’m an all or nothing kinda girl. I was able to comb it out in about 30 minutes. Not too bad. And no damage to my hair might I add.

I’ll probably dread my entire head in a few months or by the end of the year. In the mean time, I’m going to collect all kinds of beads to put in my dreads. I’m probably most excited for being able to decorate my hair with beads and such. This is going to be so much fun!!!

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