Ombre Dreadlock Extensions

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2 thoughts on “Ombre Dreadlock Extensions

  1. Maya says:

    A few questions.
    How did you get them to look so natural? Is it human hair?
    What are the products you used?
    You said they were weighing your hai, pleas explain.
    Can these be permanent?
    I miss my real dreads and am dying for them back on my head!
    Where are you located I need you to do mine lol

    • Karen says:

      On my previous set of extensions, I made the extensions too thick and ended up using basically two entire sets of 18″ human hair to attach to my dreads. It was very heavy. I learned my lesson on this batch and made the extensions much thinner and only used one set of 18″ human hair. And yes, human hair is a must for natural looking dreadlock extensions.

      I think the reason mine look pretty natural is that I found a hair dye that is very close to my natural hair color and did the ombre dye treatment on the extensions so they would blend into my natural hair. I’ve had these extensions in my hair since the end of April and they’re holding out nicely these 4 months. I really only wash my scalp when washing my hair because I don’t know how much life these extensions have in them. I also do have to crochet the connection between the natural hair and the extension hair from time to time to keep things looking good. I’m hoping to keep them around as long as possible!

      I’m in Washington State 🙂

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